Atheism attacks Christianity in a lawsuit against its ministers for the abuse of popular credulity and the substitution of person. It is the first time in the history of mankind that a religion is prosecuted directly in a law case that will end with a verdict regarding specific and defined crimes.

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Sex and Christianity

If Adam and Eve had not committed the sin of disobedience by eating the forbidden fruit, according to Christianity human beings would procreate in “holy joy” which reproductive organs would only involve their spirit, therefore permitting them to use their without committing the mortal sin of lust which is essential in sexual pleasure. As proof that to give in to the temptations of the flesh is a reason for reprimand or condemn by God, believers of Christian morals tell us that Adam and Eve covered their genitals with fig leaves after having committed the sin because they were ashamed.

As a consequence of Adam and Eve’s first coitus after being tempted by the serpent There was a contrast between “good” which impelled man to procreate excluding any search for pleasure, and “bad” which brought man to enjoy sexual pleasure more than ever. The fact that the church has always been contrary to every sexual relationship ever since its foundation is shown by the fact that it allowed its followers to marry only after an unfortunate prophesy of the imminent “end of the world”, and so the church was forced to recognise that any prohibition of every form of mating would bring about the extinction of the human race.

As a consequence of Adam and Eve’s first coitus after being tempted by the serpent There was a contrast between “good” which impelled man to procreate excluding any search for pleasure, and “bad” which brought man to enjoy sexual pleasure more than ever. The fact that the church has always been contrary to every sexual relationship ever since its foundation is shown by the fact that it allowed its followers to marry only after an unfortunate prophesy of the imminent “end of the world”, and so the church was forced to recognise that any prohibition of every form of mating would bring about the extinction of the human race.

S. Agostino

Teologo e padre della Chiesa (prendeva le idee al volo infilandole con la penna).

S. Ambogio da Milano

Teologo e padre della Chiesa (falsificatore di Giuseppe Flavio - antichità giudaiche).

Therefore in its role of moraliser, the church which was obliged to recognise the indispensability of fecundation, authorised marriage on the condition that the couple should conform to the laws of its moral most scrupulously. Consequently canons were set to establish what was right or wrong and the church made sure they were respected by imposing its followers to declare their sins and confessors who decided which punishment to inflict in the name of God which depending on the severity of the sin, could have been venial or mortal. (The confession was a very valid weapon for Christianity in order to build its own imperialism, because by imposing kings and Christian emporers to confess, they could control all the decisions of state).

S. Bonaventura da Bagnoregio (chiamato il Serafico)

Teologo e padre della Chiesa.

S. Tommaso D'Acquino (chiamato l'Angelico)

Teologo e padre della Chiesa


So that one can fully understand the obscurantism and obtuseness of Christian moral, here are some passages of the moral code regarding sexual relationships:

1) No sin is committed if the married couple have sexual intercourse without feeling
pleasure. (casuistry) It was following this precept that women, in order not to commit the sin of lust which they would have to confess, (it is probable that there are still some today), during sexual intercourse recited: “ I am not doing it for my pleasure but to give God a son

2) “.If during sexual intercourse either the husband or wife passionately desires the other, he or she commits mortal sin. (S. Geronimo – theologian).

3) The fondling preceding sexual intercourse is to be considered venial sin if it is limited to simple caresses and becomes mortal sin if the mouth and genitals are kissed especially when the tongue is inserted. (Debreyne – Theologian)

4) Husband and wife should not have sexual intercourse more than four times a month. (Sanchez – theologian).

5) It is not considered a sin if a couple has sexual intercourse during the day and it is repeated the following night. (Sant’Alfonso de Ligueri – theologian).

6) It is not considered a sin if the husband or wife withdraws from coitus before emitting semen. (This was because it was believed that the woman produced semen too). (Sanchez – Theologian)

7) As the man weakens before the woman it is considered a sin if the woman expects to have sexual intercourse twice running. (Zacchia – theologian).

8) In sexual foreplay it is considered venial sin if the penis is inserted into the woman’s mouth or the man inserts a finger into the woman’s anus. (Ecclesiastical code).

9) A man who measures the length of his own penis commits a serious mortal sin. (Monsabrè – theologian).

10) Female masturbation is considered venial sin if done on the external part of the vagina and mortal sin if the fingers or any other object are inserted into the vagina. (Debrayne – theologian).

11) As lying on the back is not natural, the woman must have sexual intercourse turning her back to the man otherwise she will commit a sin. (casuistry).

12) When a woman claims to have been raped by the devil, a careful examination of her vagina and anus must be carried out in order to assess the effects. (To get an idea of how the inquisitors carried out these examinations on the nuns in convents when they claimed to have been raped by the devil, we can read some reports made by witnesses: “ The vice of the inquisitors was evident in scandalously obscene ceremonies””(Margaret Murray). “The curiosity of the judges was insatiable, they wanted to know everything about the sexual intercourse the nuns had had with the devil in very fine detail “ (Henry Lea), which is still done today in the confessional), and Jacques Fines, a reporter of the time, wrote that he had seen the inquisitors themselves raping the nuns during their controls. (Practically the inquisitors used their penises instead of their fingers).

13) So that coitus should not be considered a sin, the semen has to be deposited inside the vagina beyond the lips of the uterus. (Zacchia – theologian).

14) In order to eliminate the frigidness which was the result of the lack of erection of the penis, Sanchez believed it was necessary to hold three mass, other theologians believed that it was preferable to resort to exorcism or to the practice of the communion.

15) Anal intercourse is not considered mortal sin if the semen is deposited in the vagina. (Sanchez – theologian).

16) Seminarists or young priests only commit venial sin if they reach ejaculation through simple caresses. (Diagonali).

17) Contrarily to the involuntary pollution which does not generate guilt, masturbation must be considered a serious sin because it can be considered adultery, incest or rape, depending on who the person is thinking about at the time. Masturbation becomes a horrible sacrilege if the object of desire is the Virgin Mary. (Sanchez – theologian).

The fact that priests admit that one can masturbate in front of the image of the Virgin Mary is enough for us to understand what levels of perversion Christian morals can reach!

The observance of these precepts, imposed through the confessional, brought Christians so near to suffocation that, in order to avoid revolt, the church was forced to permit carnival feasts so that the people could let out their repression. >>All men need to enjoy themselves at least once a year in order to let out their natural instincts that can only be held in to a certain point. They are like wine barrels which would blow up one did not take the lid off from time to time in order to relieve
the pressure. Men would blow up too if the only thing that can boil inside them is devotion to God>>(From a letter sent by Father Tillot to the faculty of theology in 1444 to the faculty of theology in Paris.). These orgiastic feasts accepted by the church to allow its followers to let off steam caused by their sexual repression went on until 1700 often assuming a desecrating or
profaning nature especially when they were held inside the churches. “Apart from the population, priests belonging to the poor clergy also took part in the celebrations. The priests usually arrived when the feast had already begun singing and dancing to obscene verses and mostly dressed in women’s clothes. Religious ceremonies were parodied by offering sausages instead of the consecrated host and burning old shoes instead of incense. They drank without reserve and mixed among the crowd burping and vomiting, showing their resentment to the ecclesiastical repression by making fun of eroticism and acting scenes of coitus or masturbation, and there were priests who mounted other priests disguised as nuns. As on these occasions everything was permitted these priests sacrilegiously they excited themselves in slow ecclesiastic dances which they found even more exciting if accompanied by slow funeral marches. These feasts were real uproars, where in a very explicit manner the people reacted against the repression of Christian morals by exalting Satan.
“These feasts permitted by the church were not a concession due to mere tolerance, but they were wanted and encouraged to give a calculated liberation to human fermentation”. (from “JOURNAL POUR TOUS” of 7/02/1863).

But the sexual repression which was mitigated in this way in the external religious world by organising collective orgies caused problems in the convents where no physical outlets were allowed and so the nuns and priests tried to satisfy their sexual desires by imagining having sexual intercourse with spiritual partners: the nuns with Jesus Christ and the priests with the Virgin Mary.
These penitents who were called “mystics” according to the religious nomenclature, committing themselves to a firm belief which came from plagiarism, to respect and observe a moral which bases spiritual perfection on the denial of every pleasure of the flesh in the strictest possible way were no other than deluded fanatics able to repress those natural laws which impose the reproduction through the outlet of sexual instincts.

Madonna dal collo lungo

Francesco Mazzola detto IL PARMIGIANINO

Madonna Jean Fouquet

Jean Fouquet

Madonna di Munch


The drama they lived, which came from perpetual sexual abstinence together with continual torture inflicted on their own bodies as punishment for being the source of lust (torture that made them real masochists), created in them a state of mental alienation which was thought of as “ ecstasy” by the church when psychoanalysts call this state “ hallucinations coming from psychic disorders due to sexual repression”.
Doctor Caufeinon states that “ dissatisfaction of sexual desire is one of the main causes of hysteria” and on the subject of convent life he adds “If claustral life favours this mental disorder it is not only due to sexual abstinence but also to the constant prayer the nuns are subjected to, to the contemplative life and the nervous excitement from the continual fear of the terrible punishment that divine justice reserves for their sins.
The psychologists Dupré and Logre amply explain that “ecstasy” was only a form of mystical neurosis due to imagination deliriums and Doctor Murisier shows how << The priests and nuns love and attachment to God, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary is of an extremely sexual nature>> in his book called “The diseases of religious sentiments”.
James Leuba, who is a specialist in religious psychology, clearly accuses the church of being a creator of madmen when he states: << The orgasms the saints reach when mating with divinities , being only imaginary, leave them in a perpetual state of sexual insatisfaction which is the cause of the neurotic delirium called “ecstasy”>>.

Not being able to avoid unfortunate consequences intervening directly as it had with the mass by authorising periodical orgies, the church avoided every possible accusation directed at its false morality by transforming madness into holiness.

The reddening of the skin which was common in virgins, widows and all those who lived a solitary life, was the first symptom of sexual dissatisfaction. The drama, of a psycho-physical nature, is shown in the inflammation of the skin which can be directed to the body parts where the interests of the subject are concentrated, like in the case of the ascetics with the aim of imitating Christ, and longing to relive the sufferance of the passion of Christ concentrated their thoughts on the wounds of the crucifixion.

The red marks were only a dilatation of the veins due to a concentration of the blood which apart from the pain could cause bleeding due to tissue laceration. The best example of this phenomenon are the marks which appear on the hands and the feet of the great ascetics like in the case of Padre Pio who claimed that his stigmata were preceded by red marks accompanied with great pain.
On the other hand, there are many examples of exteriorisation of the will through physical manifestations, not only the erection of the penis in men and animals which is caused by thought, but also the epidermic phenomenon which makes animals mimetize with nature.
That the hysteria caused by sexual repression is an inheritance from the monasteries is confirmed by a popular saying:
“You only need one devil to satisfy the depravation of a village, but you need more than a thousand to satisfy the depravation of a convent”.

The stricter the rules imposed on a community, the more perversion will spread among its people, and so in a mixture of the scent of flowers and sulphur the people start having collective orgies, which the church, attributing them to the works of the devil, will cleverly try to exorcise instead of entrusting them to psychiatry.
Among the infinity of cases reported in the chronicles, let us cite for example, in order to demonstrate the obscurantism there is in the Christian faith, the report signed by four bishops who were present during exorcisms at the convent of Auxonne: <<The nuns vomited terrible words of blasphemy during the mess and the rituals carried out to free them from the devil. Their bodies were marked in a certain supernatural nature by the demons.

The nuns assumed supernatural positions during exorcism such as keeping their balance on the point of their stomachs in an arch-like position, or bending over so far that their head touched the tip of their toes etc. etc.>>
And again…….”In the convent of Nazaret in Cologne, the nuns lay down on the floor as if they had a man on top of them, making coital movements”.
<<In the convent of Louviere in Belgium, the collective orgies were performed in an alternation of ecstasy, where the nuns called to Christ on their knees, and nervous attacks where they showed their bare bottoms to the devil, imploring him to possess them>>.
At this point, after having briefly considered this psychic delirium in which the church refused any responsibility deriving from its imposition of sexual abstinence declaring the situation “ the work of the devil”, let us take a look at other shameful facts where epileptic attacks were transformed into sanctified ecstasy.

Saint Margherita Maria Alacoque made a vow of chastity at the age of four, entered into a convent at eight and had her first ecstatic contact with Jesus, “her fiancé” at fifteen.
From her biography:

1) <<When I was in front of Jesus I melted like a candle in the amorous contact I had with him>>.
2) <<I was of such a delicate nature that even the slightest dirt made me sick. Jesus scolded me sternly for this weakness and reacted against it so strongly that one day I cleaned the floor where a patient had vomited with my tongue. Jesus made me feel so much delight from my action that I would have like to have been able to do it every day..>> (Masochism from hysterical delirium).

3) << Once when I had shown a certain reluctance in looking after a patient with dysentery, Jesus scolded me very sternly so, in order to make amends, I filled my mouth with her excrements, I would have swallowed them if the rules had not prohibited eating between meals.>> (Ditto).
4) One day Jesus lay on top of me and when I protested he replied: “Let me use you for my pleasure because there is a right time for everything. Now I want you to be the object of my love, given up to my will, without resistance from you, so that I can get pleasure from you”>> (Physically experienced coitus through imagination).
The repetition of acts of masochism alternating with ecstasy where Maria Alacoque carnally lived her sexual encounters with Jesus who she called her fiancé, were so frequent that she was, according to the psychologists, a true case of hysterical erotomania.
The church, which took advantage of human gullibility and ignorance, set up the apostolate of the sacred heart based on the statements of a woman suffering from nymphomania whose ecstatic revelations were no other than cataleptic attacks caused by sexual repression.

The Madonna appeared to Margherita Alcoque as she did to several mystical saints:

5) <<The holy virgin often appeared to me caressing me and promising me her protection>>.
This intervention of the Madonna in amorous relationships between the saints and Jesus is justified by the fact that they needed the consent of the mother of he who they loved in such a clandestine way through their ecstasy. The amorous relationship, having a sexual and therefore sinful nature, gave the a guilt complex they wanted to get rid of in order to get pleasure from their mating, not only by gaining approval from their lover’s mother but also by making it public with their biographies.
The fact that the biographies were their catharsis, that is the liberation from their sense of guilt, is shown by the fact that they used them as a kind of liberating confession where they described their orgasms in great detail, enough to make them real treatise of pornography.

Angelo che si accinge a trafiggere con il dardo Santa Teresa d'Avila (Bernini)

Saint Mary of Incarnation, after having encouraged Jesus, her husband to have sex with her using words that have little to do with spirituality: << So, my adored lover, when shall we mate?>>, this is what her biography tells us of how she felt in the hysteria of her ecstasy “ In my rapture I thought I had arms inside me which I stretched out to embrace the man I desired so much>>.
Saint Guyon, ascetic and penitent, wrote that in an ecstasy Jesus had taken her to a cedar wood where there was a room with two beds and that she had asked him who the other bed was for, he ad replied: <<one is for you my wife, and the other is for my mother>> and then referring to the sexual pleasure that she reached during her ecstasy, she wrote:<< I possessed Jesus not in a spiritual way through thought but in a more tangible way that I could really feel the participation of the body>>.
When she came back to reality so to speak, as she believed that the body was responsible for her sins she inflicted atrocious torture upon it: << To mortify my body I licked the most disgusting spittle……I put stones in my shoes……I had my teeth pulled out even if they were healthy…>>.
From the biography of Saint Angela from Foligno: <<..During the ecstasy it was as if I were possessed by an instrument which penetrated me and tore my flesh…….I was so full of love and satisfied with an unbelievable fullness…….my limbs broke and crushed while I languished and pined for love………when I recovered from my rapture I felt so light and satisfied I could even have loved the devil himself…>>. (wonderful description of the quiet that follows an orgasm!).
Saint Angela from Foligno knew very well that the pleasure she felt during ecstasy was of a sexual nature that she declared herself to be a victim of a “vice that I dare not mention”, the vice of lust from which she tried to free herself by putting “red hot coals on her vagina to take her desire away”.

Saint Rose of Lima in order to live sexual pleasure in a freer way without a guilt complex punished her body before the ecstasy in a way which makes one shudder: “Although the confessor told her not to exaggerate she inflicted even fifty thousand lashes of the whip to her body in four days………..”

Saint Giovanna of the angels who was the mother superior in a convent of Ursuline nuns, transmitted hysteria to the whole community with her repeated ecstasy.
From a chronicle of the time: “All the nuns in the convent of the Ursulines of Loudun, where the mother superior was Mother Giovanna of the angels, started screaming, dribbling and undressing, showing their total nakedness”.
A certain Robbins, a reporter of the time who was present at one of these collective fits, in his description of the facts he underlined one in particular:<< Sister Clare fell down to the ground in a trance and continued masturbating shouting: “ fuck me, fuck me…….”, until she took a crucifix and made use of it in such a way that my decency prohibits me to refer>>.

A certain confessor called Surin was engaged by the bishop’s court to practice exorcism in the convent but he was soon involved in the orgies and he wrote <<My tongue tasted God as when I drink muscatel wine or I eat apricots>>. (No explanation is necessary as to where this man looked for God with his tongue!)
Father Surin was substituted by another exorcist priest called Ressés, who resisting every temptation, succeeded in freeing the convent from demons. The mother superior’s abortion was made a proof of successful exorcism who, according to him aborted her child after he had freed her from the devil with holy water.
As she declared to have been healed by Saint Joseph who had appeared to her during exorcism, the church took advantage of this and succeeded in turning the Louden monastery’s orgies into an edifying phenomenon and called it a miracle.

The bandages and rags used by Giovanna of the angels to treat her wounds caused by flagellation, transformed into blessed bandages, were used to treat the sick who started coming to the convent in organised pilgrimage. Now considered a healing saint, Giovanna of the angels started touring France to heal the sick and she became so famous that even Cardinal Richelieu invited her to come to him to relieve the great pain his haemorrhoids caused him. In a chronicle of the time it is reported that even Anna of Austria was among the celebrities who were “cured” by her. Anna was suffering from a complicated childbirth, apparently she felt very relieved after touching the edge of Giovanna’s blouse. So the church, by cleverly using the art of mystification, succeeded once again in transforming hysteria caused by sexual repression into sanctity.( read “THE FABLE OF CHRIST”).Saint Teresa of Avila is certainly one of the best representatives of this world of repressed nymphomania who throng in Christian paradise. She could be a classical example in sexology books as a demonstration of the brain damage cased by sexual repression.

From her autobiography: << my illness had become so serious that I was always near to fainting, I felt a fire which burnt inside me……my tongue was in shreds from biting it >>.
<< While Christ spoke to me I contemplated the extraordinary beauty of his humanity…..I felt such strong pleasure that is not possible to feel in other moments of life…>>
<< During ecstasy the body stops moving, breathing becomes slower and weaker, you only sigh and pleasure comes in waves….(great description of an orgasm!)
<<In ecstasy an angel appeared to me in its bodily form and it was beautiful; I saw a long arrow in his hand; it was gold and the tip was on fire. The angel stabbed me with the arrow through to my bowels and when he pulled it out it left me burning with love for God……..the pain the arrow wound left was so acute that I could only sigh faintly, but this indescribable torment gave me such sweet delight at the same time that it was not bodily sufferance even if the body took part completely…>>
<<I was on the verge of mental disorder which made me live in continual excitement which I did not dare to interrupt by asking for holy water so as not to upset the other nuns who could have realised the cause and origin.>> (evident sense of guilt).
<<Our lord, my husband, gave such excess of pleasure to make me say no more except that all my senses were enraptured….>> (Ditto)

These passages come from the autobiographies of women on the verge of madness due to sexual repression which the church converted into edifying examples but they are actually the most evident proof of the falseness of Christian moral.
The human being needs sex as it needs food. A prolonged abstinence, like hunger causes mental derangement which brings man to behave dangerously for himself and others. A lot of vice and perversion to be found in society is due to taboo which obstacle the normal path of nature. When nature is contrasted, sooner or later it will react even more violently than the repression working against it.

In a society where sex is considered a physical need and not the source of vice and sin, all perversion would be reduced to almost nothing as would rape and murder which are often caused by hatred towards the woman who is seen by man as being responsible for the anguish caused by repression. Sex , in a society without taboo can create an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony but in a world of frustration only leads to hatred and rancour.

Would he who is in agony, remembering how he suffered during a life of repression be tempted to curse whoever was the cause?Let us reject, while still in time, whoever obstacles our sexual enjoyment (at the same time respecting other peoples point of view and freedom) and always remember that everything we do not do now will be lost forever, that we will regret it sooner or later and that it is only a delay in reaching that experience which we need to understand and improve ourselves.

To believe that by renouncing the pleasures of the flesh we will deserve a reward after death is simply an absurdity invented by Christianity through plagiarism, an imperialism based on false morals



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